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Hello Humans, I'm a data enthusiast fuelled by caffeine; a traveller who loves code. Proven track record of excelling in challenging projects and thriving in fast-paced work environments. Strong team player with preference for hands on learning and enthusiasm for new opportunities.

Dheeraj Chillamcharla

I am a Data Enthusiastwho wants to lead the pathin Data Science

Advanced Predictive Modeling: Constructed highly accurate predictive models achieving an outstanding R2 score of 0.85 for ad effectiveness across three product categories and two banners, enabling persuasive storytelling and driving impactful business decisions.

Proficient in Big Data Technologies: Implemented high-performance data pipelines using Spark and SQL in Databricks to process massive datasets of over 10 billion rows, enabling effective sourcing and compilation of grocery Ad data for forecasting and analysis.

Dashboard Development & Optimization: Created an interactive dashboard visualizing diverse customer metrics, optimized SQL queries by over 60% for data retrieval, resulting in reduced cloud resource utilization and improved run time, facilitating in-depth analysis of purchase behavior for strategic marketing and inventory management.

Data Science

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